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[mkgmap-dev] Questions about carpool handling

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Mon Dec 9 21:43:02 GMT 2013

Ok, error messages are gone now, but I still dont get it.
In Basecamp cycleways are still avoided (when carpool avoidance is selected) even if I set highway=cycleway { set mkgmap:carpool=no }.
So Basecamp still sees some carpool flag on those highways with access=no, I cant get rid of this in the style file??

> Argh, I am sorry.
> Of course you have to use "set mkgmap:carpool=no".
> The second line does not work because I forgot about the following
> rule
> taken from the documentation:
> "There used to be some restrictions on the kind of expression you
> could
> use. Now the only restriction is you must have at least one test that
> depends on a tag existing. So you cannot match on everything,
> regardless
> of tags, or test for an object that does not have a tag."
> The second line must look like:
> highway=* & mkgmap:carpool!=* { set mkgmap:carpool=yes }
> WanMil

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