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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Dec 9 18:59:33 GMT 2013

I think the mergeroads branch is "functional complete". I want to know 
if you are happy with all changes?

In such a case I would start to document the changes which need to be 
done before merging the changes to the trunk.

A short overview of the changes:
* Roads are merged which reduces the number of road entries by 7-25% 
using the default style. This results in slightly better routing 
calculation times and slightly smaller img file sizes.
* The four labels to pois/lines/roads/polygons are no longer assigned 
automatically. They must be assigned using the 'name' and 'addlabel' 
function. This also means that ref tags are no longer used as labels 
* Access restrictions of roads are now defined by setting special 
mkgmap:** access tags (e.g. mkgmap:car, mkgmap:foot, mkgmap:bicycle etc.).
* mkgmap:carpool does no longer automatically set all access 
restrictions. In the trunk mkgmap:carpool=yes/1/true lead to set all 
access restrictions to "no" except emergency, bus and carpool.
* The road speed is no longer automatically calculated using the 
maxspeed tag. New style functions maxspeedkmh() and maxspeedmph() allow 
style developers to perform the same by setting the 
mkgmap:road-speed-class tag.
* Styles can now have a <finalize> block. This block is executed for 
each element if an element style definition matches. The finalize block 
must contain actions only.

There is no need to convert the "old" style files instantly when adding 
compatibility include files to the finalize block. Example for the lines 
include 'inc/compat_lines';

Anyhow I strongly propose to use the new degree of freedom in assigning 
access restrictions etc. In case you are not convinced about the new 
features just open the compatibility includes and you will see that 
access handling in the trunk has some shortcomings.


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