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[mkgmap-dev] Drive-on-left

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Fri Nov 15 08:18:18 GMT 2013

Hi  Andrzej,

>  > attached patch forwards the "guessed" drive-on-left value in a thread
>  > safe way to the NOD header by using a ThreadLocal variable. This is a
>  > small code change.
>  > Anyhow this makes only sense if you think that the guess algorithm is 
>  > ok.
> Shouldn't it be a TRE header? Or TRE header too?
If we use guessing, yes, TRE header too.

> According to help for options, guessing is connected with 
> "check-roundabouts", which revers directions of roundabouts. This option 
> is wrong for tiles, that contain multiple countries with different 
> drive-on rules. In that case "check-roundabouts" would damage some good 
> roundabouts.
well, "check-roundabouts" also enables some checks in RouteNode
regarding overlapping and forking of roundabouts. I do not yet understand
the meaning of them.

> If you make a map for a single country, you don't need guessing. And you 
> can't invoke guessing for a map with multiple countries. So this 
> guessing feature looks rather redundant.

> In my opinion there should be no guessing but a simple count. If a tile 
> has more than 50% of roundabouts as drive-on-left, then this tile should 
> be marked as drive-on-left. That way most of roundabouts would look 
> correctly when navigating.
+1, esp. if you take care to have reasonable tile borders. In my eyes, a value near 50%
should produce a warning. 

> Perfect solution would be to make tile splitting along country border. 
> But if we can't do that, then maybe we could get statistically best 
> settings for drive-on flags?
That's a very interesting point. If I got that right, the IMG format doesn't
require a rectangular tile border, so we would need some changes:
1) tile splitter should allow to create such tiles. The bounding polygon 
option was a first step into this direction. 
2) tile splitter has to pass the information about the used polygon 
within each tile. I don't know an "official" way, so maybe this means
to add a way with a tag like splitter:tile-border which has to be filtered
by mkgmap?

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