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[mkgmap-dev] Address index for multi-country map

From Bernhard Hiller bhil at gmx.de on Sun Nov 10 14:23:30 GMT 2013

Meanwhile I did some experiments.

With a fresh download from Geofabrik, I started with germany.osm.pbf 
without any additional modification by osmconvert. I split it, and 
created the map with the same parameters and style file.
With the examples from Germany, I received the same results.

Next, I removed the "include" sections from the style files and replaced 
them by the contents of the respective files.
Same result.

Next, I tried the default style (as of mkgmap 2724). Again, the same 

This means: it is not caused by a defect in my style file, nor in a 
defect in processing with osmconvert. Also a defect in resolving the 
include files can be excluded.
Still, the data downloaded from Geofabrik could be defective.

When I use the --country-name=Deutschland  --country-abbr=DEU 
parameters, places are correctly found in Germany. The country "Country" 
is no more available. For small villages, the index is then OK. But for 
towns consisting of some quarters, it is still defective: there are no 
roads neither in Erlangen nor in Bayreuth, and the "Geseeser Weg" can 
only be found in "Altstadt" instead of Bayreuth.

Next, I returned to mkgmap version 2654. I had to remove all lines with 
"admin_level" from relations, "capital" from points, the comparison of 
two values from lines. Also this did not solve the problem.

That means, that the creation of the address index is broken somewhere 
in mkgmap.

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