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[mkgmap-dev] Multiple relations

From Anna Leuchter aleuche at web.de on Wed Nov 6 13:58:09 GMT 2013

Hi Enrico,

>How can you see the image attached MapSource display tha name of the highway
>(not the name of the route relation) if there is one or the label
>"Sconosciuto" if there isn't.
>I would delete (I don't want to see it). It is possibile?

sorry, but may be i don't understand you.

1. deleting a tag
if you want to delete a tag use "delete { key123 }" see style manual 4.3.4 page 11.

2. using route relation names


type=route & route=bicycle
		apply { 
		set bike_relation=yes;
		set br_name='${name}';

LINES file
highway=track & bike_relation=yes { name '${name}' | '${br_name}' | 'Sconosciuto' } [0x01 road_class=0 road_speed=0 resolution 24 continue ]
In this case, the name of element would be used if it exist and if it not exists, the relation name would be used.
If both doesn't exist, name will be set to "Sconosciuto"



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