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[mkgmap-dev] question regarding MapRoad

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Oct 23 21:50:35 BST 2013


> finally I found a way to store the correct order of segments
> even if they were created during the sub div split process.
> The code for this is quite complex, so this is makes only
> sense if we can use it to implement a better split algo
> or when it really improves something.

Sounds good. I'm not sure what to suggest here. What we have works,
although it may be sub-optimal in some way. I never had a theory on
how sub-divisions should be used and I was kind of suprised that the
first thing I tried seemed to work (this was before routing).

It would probably be better to create a grid of subdivisions and cut
the roads at nodes near the boundary so that there is a lot less
overlapping.  I've no idea how much, if any, difference it would make
though, and it would entail a fairly substantial re-write.


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