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[mkgmap-dev] replace mkgmap:bike with mkgmap:bicycle for merge-roads branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Oct 17 17:05:08 BST 2013

> It's really unlogical why mkgmap expects the access restriction
> mkgmap:bike instead of mkgmap:bicycle...
> (a it has always been bicycle=no, b) the osm tag is bicycle not bike, c)
> all other tags are using the standard garmin names....

I aggree. I think I used the mkgmap internal variable name which was 
bike. But mkgmap:bicycle is better than mkgmap:bike. I will change that.

> Overall I must say I'm still not too happy with the results of the
> branch right now. It's now much slower (about 15%), the access rules are
> difficult to handle in style (I can see that they are needed, but that
> only no is accpeted is not really useful ), bugs in reading added values
> and checking for them is really painful.

The branch is not ready to merge.
I will check its performance and think about how to speed up if there is 
a problem.

> E.g. if I add oneway=-1 to something, then I need to check for highway=*
> & oneway=-1 in order to get it. I'm not sure if this bug also exists in
> trunk - as I just rather recently 3-4 weeks ago deleted all (if mkgmap
> was working correctly) highway=* usages out of my style - because I
> thought I could speed up mkgmap by doing it.

The style processor bug is not branch specific. It also exist in the trunk.

> I don't really understand how the different name fields work right now,
> well and for what they can be applied (points only, or also polygons and
> lines...).

There is no documentation yet. But for sure I will add it before merging 
to trunk.

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