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[mkgmap-dev] man_made structures in the polygon style

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Oct 13 09:33:35 BST 2013


Can man_made=pier and man_made=bridge added to

# squares and plazas

highway=pedestrian & area=yes [0x17 resolution 22]
man_made=pier | man_made=bridge [0x17 resolution 22]

And man_made=groyne and man_made=reinforced_slope (same thing as breakwater, used frequently in NL) 
are rendered as building in the default style, which is not good


# man_made can be used on areas or lines

man_made=* & area!=no
& (man_made!=door & man_made!=embankment & man_made!=breakwater
   & man_made!=cable_line & man_made!=cutline & man_made!=cutting
   & man_made!=groyne & man_made!=levee & man_made!=reinforced_slope & man_made!=trench)
[0x13 resolution 24]

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