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[mkgmap-dev] mergeroads branch - how to set street labels in style files

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Oct 12 17:36:42 BST 2013

> On 12/10/13 08:05, Henning Scholland wrote:
>> tag is missing? Eg. mkgmap:ref = <empty>. Should then the 1st one stay
>> empty as well or should this field filled with mkgmap:name?
> Yes if there is no ref then the plain name would be the first entry
> in the map file and any other entries would be moved up.
>> If there are no issues with Garmin, I would prefer let the missing ones
>> stay empty. So it's quite clear and constant which tag is associated
>> with which field.
> Yes, it would probably be best to have the mkgmap entries empty,
> rather than loads of logic to shuffle them around.  I think however
> that empty ones would have to be dropped when written to the file.
> ..Steve

So the order to set the labels might be:

The first four of the tags that are set are used.

I think the following behaviour makes sense:
If mkgmap:name is not set then the name tag is used?
The name action adds the mkgmap:name tag instead of settings the name in 
the java element?

I wonder if it is easier for style devs to set one mkgmap:addname 
separated with ";" instead of setting mkgmap:name:1..n?


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