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[mkgmap-dev] version 2718 and construction {name '${name} text'|'text'} not work

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Oct 12 13:49:52 BST 2013

On 12/10/13 07:56, Maks Vasilev wrote:
> That sample only little part of big problem with actions in rules.
> If i try write a global rename for all object like a name=* {any
> action}, now it work only in tag-of-object=* {actions }. But if i need 2
> global rules with name, now i need to increse*2 all action block for all
> affected object. If i need to 50 global actions? Very long and hard
> action block in any string. Bad way.

I need to see a full example of what you are trying to do to fully 
understand the problem as you see it.

> Solution: add to style file "preprocessor". This file work first, before
> any other, and have only tag selector and action block without block
> […]. And any action in this file don't block action in other style files.

You can have as many rule selectors and action blocks with [..] in your 
style and they will all be run before other rules that are placed after 
them in the file.

But the name command is like the add command, the first time you call it
with an argument that exists will set the name.  If you don't want that 
to happen then don't use it and use the set command instead.


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