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[mkgmap-dev] mergeroads branch - how to set street labels in style files

From Henning Scholland osm at aighes.de on Sat Oct 12 08:05:59 BST 2013

Am 12.10.2013 00:00, schrieb Steve Ratcliffe:
> 1st: <shield>L276
> 2nd: Laacher Straße 
> The third and fourth positions would be for alternate names.

So we would need something like:

mkgmap:ref    -> 1st
mkgmap:name   -> 2nd
mkgmap:name_1 -> 3rd
mkgmap:name_2 -> 4th

Everything else should be done in style-file. What about the case if one
tag is missing? Eg. mkgmap:ref = <empty>. Should then the 1st one stay
empty as well or should this field filled with mkgmap:name?

If there are no issues with Garmin, I would prefer let the missing ones
stay empty. So it's quite clear and constant which tag is associated
with which field.


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