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[mkgmap-dev] Quoting special characters (singlequote) in the style files

From keenonkites keenonkites at gmx.net on Tue Oct 8 11:08:51 BST 2013


I'm having the following problem: for a Portuguese translation (other 
languages like French will have the same problem) of a map I have the 
following rule in the points file of my style directory:

    # Wasserturm. [point, closedway]
    man_made = water_tower & name = * {name '${name} (Caixa d'água)'}
    [0x6500 resolution 24]

You notice there is a 'singlequote' between the words "Caixa d" and "água".

Unfortunately the build process doesn't run through... I have to change 
this to a backquote (this one here: ` ) to get it running through.

I was looking around on the web how to quote special characters inside 
the style files, especially the singlequote which is needed also for 
internal things inside the style files. Unfortunatelly I was not able to 
find anything.

Did I miss something ? Or is there no way (yet) to have a singlequote 
inside a name in the style files ?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks and regards
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