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[mkgmap-dev] higher precision instead of short-arc-removal?

From GerdP gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Oct 3 20:01:19 BST 2013


that error was caused by the wrong highwayCounts (hwc)caused by
The first node of way replaced another node connected to multiple roads
having hwc=4.
The first node is not connected to any other road. 
Effect of the error: More nodes with hwc=1, wrong network, but correct img

Maybe it is really a good idea to use remove-short-arcs=0.0. I was not able
to find
a routing error with r2727 from the mergeroads branch using this value,
the default value 5.0 removes some small footways between roads, e.g.
it routes me from Hakenweg directly to Jütlandstraße:

@WanMil: Are you planning to merge back to trunk? If not, I should commit
the coordPOI_v2.patch to trunk, and that would probably cause you trouble 
when merging.
If found only small issues, e.g. the javadoc for resetHighwayCounts().


GerdP wrote
> Hi WanMil,
> I also prefer to make sure that a correct img file is written.
> I have just managed to produce a routing error with
> the trunk version which disappears when using the mergeroads 
> branch, even if I comment the call of mergeroads() .
> Next step is to find out what is changed...
> Gerd
> WanMil wrote
>>> Hi programmers,
>>> I am still working on the improved short-arc-removal routines.
>>> I found a few more special cases, and many of them are
>>> related to the fact that we are using the rounded
>>> lat/lon values (Garmin map units).
>>> Short excurse:
>>> A map unit is a 24bit integer value, means we can separate 2^24 =
>>> 16777216
>>> different
>>> positions on the equator.
>>> By the way, the comment in Utils.toMapUnit
>>> "A map unit is an integer value that is 1/(2^24) degrees of latitude or
>>> longitue"
>>> is wrong, we store 1/(2^23) of a value that goes from -180.0 to 180.0.
>>> Means  ~ 2.39m (40075 km / 16777216) near the equator.
>>> In Berlin, the value is ~ 1.45m for lon (lat is of course the same).
>>> So, the rounding error is 0.75 to 1.2m in this area.
>>> While these errors are not important when
>>> it comes to rendering a map, they might be important
>>> when it comes to routing.
>>> In some cases I find segments of ways with two points that are very
>>> close.
>>> Imagine a nearly vertical short segment. The rounding might move
>>> one point to the left, the other to the right, so that (in map units)
>>> with deltaLat = 1 and deltaLon = 1 the calculated bearing of ~ 148
>>> is nonsense, as the real value is e.g 178.
>>> If I got this right, the Garmin routing algo uses the
>>> bearing value. We store it (heavily rounded to 8 or fewer bits),
>>> and the comments in RouteArc.encodeCurve()
>>> say that we are not sure about the img format.
>>> I think this might also explain
>>> why short arcs cause trouble, maybe it is not the
>>> short arc itself, maybe we simply write wrong
>>> data to the img when we store roads with
>>> points that are very close to each other?
>>> If that is true, we might better try to find
>>> out what we have to write to the img
>>> instead of messing around with short arcs?
>>> If only precision is the problem:
>>> Maybe we can Coord to store the
>>> lat/lon values with 30 bits precision?
>>> Gerd
>> Hi Gerd,
>> interesting idea to increase the precision of coordinates. I sometimes 
>> thought about using "real" coordinates but using doubles instead of int 
>> seemed to be too much memory overhead. Increasing the precision to 30 
>> bits seems to be a much better way.
>> The crucial point is: does the higher precision really help?
>> In the end you also have to convert the high precision coordinates to 
>> the garmin precision. At this point I guess you will have the short arcs 
>> problem again?
>> Of course the calculation of the bearings will be better. But this will 
>> not fix an img format problem (if that exist).
>> So what about a systematic check the encodeCurve() method first?
>> Would it be possible to create an map where all possible headings are 
>> encoded? In this case it might be possible to find out problematic
>> values?!
>> WanMil
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