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[mkgmap-dev] version 2718 and construction {name '${name} text'|'text'} not work

From Maks Vasilev max at stranger-team.ru on Sat Sep 28 16:50:27 BST 2013


I created small test on

Here test data and style "test". In style files points and lines first
lines (marked as #1) have action block {...} for name field. If line #1
enabled, then action block {...} in.other  line not work.

How to use action block {...} for one field two  times and more? Any solution
like [... continue] for  block {...}?

Wbr, Maks.
27.09.2013 15:53 пользователь "Maks Vasilev" <max at stranger-team.ru> написал:

> I found trouble position in style.  I have some lines in start of style
> with global substitution like as:
> name=* {name '${name|subst:text1=> txt1|subst:text2=> txt2}' }
> After this line any action with name not work. I can't insert [continue
> with_actions] without garmin code of object type.
> What way to global manipulation with tag keys and normal actions in after?
> Wbr, Maks.
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