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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r2714: Make java 1.7 mandatory and refuse to run on earlier versions.

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Sep 26 22:23:06 BST 2013


On 24/09/13 18:50, WanMil wrote:
> I don't like rolling back to Java 6 but I would not veto.
> @Steve, Gerd: what's your opinion about rolling back to Java 6?

I'm not in any rush to use any Java7 only features, so it is up
to you guys whether you actually do. But I think we should look at it
this way:

If we had a different release policy where we had a stable release,
say version 2.6.3, and a development branch working towards version
3.0.0 then that development branch might be delivered in 6 months or
even a years time. People kind of expect that with software.

In such a case I think it is would be reasonable to target the
development branch at Java 7, since the expected release date would
then be over a year after the Oracle Java 6 end-of-life date (although I 
that they have put out a few bug fix releases after February).

But instead we have a continuous release policy, and so a switch to
Java 7 hits everyone at the same time. But we could easily also
support a Java 6 release.

So what I propose to do is to fully switch trunk builds to Java 7 and
create a separate 'stable' release for Java 6 which would be at the
latest version that would still build with 6. At intervals, depending
required effort and demand, this version could be updated by porting
over the changes, using openjdk sources if necessary.


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