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[mkgmap-dev] mergeroads branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Sep 23 19:29:30 BST 2013

> Hi WanMil,
>  > I think we should reimplement the --link-pois-to-ways option. Maybe the
>  > following algorithm would work:
>  > Before the removeShortArcs removal check all POIs and create a list
>  > which ways need to be changed due to the POIs and at which point (Coord
>  > and/or distance from start/end point). After the removeShortArcs option
>  > apply the changes. Due to the information stored in the list before the
>  > removeShortArcs option it should be possible to ensure that changes are
>  > applied only to correct ways and not to coord merged ways.
> I saw that you finally used the patch. Did you change your opinion?

No, but using the patch is better than using it not :-)

You wrote:
"The irony is that *many* of the small ways are tagged as footways, so
the bollards or barriers should be IMHO ignored reg. routing."

So your patch is a workaround which fixes many problems (great!) but 
which is not a general solution. So later on we should rethink the 
--link-pois-to-ways option to find a general solution.


> Gerd

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