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[mkgmap-dev] converting post codes to cities

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Sep 11 20:35:57 BST 2013

> I have tried
> mkgmap:postal_code = * {set mkgmap:city = mkgmap:postal_code} but this does
> not seem to work,
> any suggestions?

Can you please tell what does not work?

When using the following rules:
  include 'inc/address'
  mkgmap:postal_code = * {set mkgmap:city = mkgmap:postal_code}
the *address search* uses the postal code instead of the city name.
So you can search for the address
Country: Germany
Streetname: Unter den Linden
City: 10117

If you want to use postal codes in the city search you have to add 
places POIs.

So you might use the --add-pois-to-areas option and add the following 
rule as first rule in the points file:

postal_code=* & mkgmap:area2poi=true { add place=city; set 
name=${postal_code}; delete postal_code }


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