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[mkgmap-dev] mergeroads branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sun Sep 8 13:22:07 BST 2013

> Hi,
> the mergeroads branch should be stable now so I invite all to test it.
> Here are the changes compared to trunk:
> * Roads now become merged before the routing network is created. This
> might improve routing on long distances (I have seen some). The number
> of roads in the routing network is reduced by 10-20% (in germany).
> * refs are now composed in the style sheet and not in java code. The new
> tag mkgmap:ref is used for that (see inc/refs in default style).
> * access restrictions are now also handled in the style sheet and not in
> java code. There are some new tags for that:
> mkgmap:access:emergency
> mkgmap:access:delivery
> mkgmap:access:car
> mkgmap:access:bus
> mkgmap:access:taxi
> mkgmap:access:foot
> mkgmap:access:bike
> mkgmap:access:truck
> mkgmap:access:carpool

I have forgotten one:

> If a tag is set to 'no' the given access type is restricted in the map.
> All other values are mapped to 'yes'.
> I have tried to convert the java code to the style sheet. This was quite
> complicated but I hope it's rather correct. See new include file inc/access.
> * Instead of using hardcoded rules for maxspeed it is now possible to
> control that via style file. Set the mkgmap:road-speed-class tag to the
> desired class value (0 to 7) and use the new functions maxspeedkmh() and
> maxspeedmph() to parse the maxspeed tag.
> * Two new actions that seems useful to me:
> echotags 'Hello'
> prints out the OSM element id plus all tags of the element plus the
> text. This seems to be useful for style debugging.
> deletealltags
> removes all tags from an element and therefore stops its processing.
> I would be happy to get a lot of feedback!
> Have fun!
> WanMil
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