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[mkgmap-dev] More problems with "include ... from default;"

From Steve Brophy steve.brophy at gmail.com on Tue Sep 3 08:58:36 BST 2013

I am getting further problems using include ... from default in style
files. When compiling around 300 tiles, approx 2-3 fail to build, with
mkgmap reporting the following error:

Error in style: Error: (points:48): Unrecognised type command 'resolu'
Could not open style custom

Line 48 in my points file states:

include "points" from default;

The error is random, in that repeated attempts at building the tiles result
in different tiles failing. I have also tried setting --max-jobs=1, but
this doesn't fix it.

If I copy the default style to the directory containing my custom style,
and use the following instead:

include "../default/points" ;

then it all works as expected.

Any ideas?

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