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[mkgmap-dev] Serious mkgmap Bug - set unconnected type not respecting continue command!

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Mon Sep 2 21:36:11 BST 2013

patch seems to work fine. I think it should be committed to trunk...
On 30.08.2013 09:14, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> okay, thanks, will try the patch on Monday - currently got time but 
> server blocked. And on weekend no time...
> In most cases where I use type=none it's because of using invisible 
> routing network over visible nonroutable types. I usually use them for 
> routing on places, that should only under some conditions be routable 
> - and if routable then only invisible and using another type to show 
> the road/feature (limitation of very few types that are routable).
> On 30.08.2013 01:02, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
>> On 26/08/13 20:37, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>>> lines file (only this content needed).
>>> highway=motorway & bridge=yes {set mkgmap:set_unconnected_type=none}
>>> [0x13 road_class=1 road_speed=0 resolution 24 continue]
>>> highway=motorway [0x10001 resolution 24 continue]
>> Its because the road is completely removed when it is unconnected and 
>> the unconnected type is none.
>> Perhaps it shouldn't be completely removed, see attached patch.
>> However the patch may break something that it is supposed to do 
>> though...
>> ..Steve

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