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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] maxspeedkmh style function

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Aug 29 21:11:40 BST 2013

I have directly converted the existing functionality. But it's a good 
idea to add support for km/h. maxspeedmph() is also quite easy to add.

I have started a new branch mergeroads that contains all the changes 
regarding merging of roads and moving of functionality from java source 
code to the style file.
The branch targets the two things because they are tightly coupled. It's 
much easier to implement merging of roads if some functionality is 
controlled by mkgmap: internal tags instead of hardcoded java.

I also think that I will implement the new name and ref handling within 
this branch. But we will see... :-)


> I'n not sure, but you are only covering the cases:
> only digits
> digits and "mph"
> digits and "kmh"
> asking taginfo, there are also "km/h" in the data (almost more often
> then kmh). But my java-knowledge is not that good. So if I'm wrong
> forgive me.
> Otherwise I like both of your maxspeed-patches. Maybe it would be
> useful to have also a maxspeedmph-function.
> Henning
> Am 28.08.2013 22:10, schrieb WanMil:
>> The patch adds a new style function maxspeedkmh() that returns the
>> maxspeed tag in km/h.
>> Don't know if that's useful for anyone but it's also a kind of
>> preparation to move the maxspeed handling from Java source code in
>> StyledConverter to the style files. It might be used later on to
>> set the roadspeed.
>> WanMil
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