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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] Merge road network

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Aug 28 21:07:28 BST 2013

Hi Andrzej,

thanks for your comments!

> Hi,
> does roads have to have the same post code? I don't know internal
> representation of these data, but in mp sources single road can have
> parts with different post code or city/region.

AFAIK roads cannot have more than one postcode (with the current mkgmap 

> Do you check angle at which roads are merged?

Not yet.

> Imagine a two-way road, which splits into 2 one-way roads before a
> crossroad. You can get this one-way roads merged. I don't know if this
> would be a problem for routing, but a weird layout anyway.

Yeah, sounds reasonable. I will add that. Which angle do you think is 
the max angle I should allow? 90, 120, 130, 160? I guess 130 should be 

> Or you can get a crossroad where roads can be merged in many
> configurations. In that case I would prefer to get straight roads after
> merging.

Sounds also reasonable. That is a slightly bigger change but I probably 
will add that too.

> If you merge two roads, that form a turn at a crossover, there could be
> missing announcement from navigation. This probably depends on angle,
> but I'm not sure about details. Again, I prefer to merge only roads that
> goes nearly straight.

What do you mean with "turn at a crossover"? I am not sure... Can you 
post an ASCII drawing?


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