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[mkgmap-dev] Converting S-57/ENC -> Garmin Format?

From Markus liste12A45q7 at gmx.de on Fri Aug 16 21:11:41 BST 2013

Hi Nick,

> I'm looking for a method to convert S-57/ENC NOAA marine charts to
> Garmin format.


Transform it first to OSM (see OpenSeaMap scheme).

There is a approved tool working as plugin with FME.
If you find an access, the transformation seems to be easy.

Malcolm has written a S-57-to-OSM writer...

May be you like to join in to the OpenSeaMap-dev-ML:

Than we can transform it to Garmin:

> NOAA updates their vector based charts regularly,
> so it's a good data source now.


> mkgmap, GDL ogr and OpenCPN,
> all of which have some of the functionality to put this together.


> The mkgmap Java source is pretty extensive and
> well organized

There are some unsolved tasks to do around areas etc.
Jürgen is talking about on this list.

Best regards,

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