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[mkgmap-dev] Converting S-57/ENC -> Garmin Format?

From Nick Hughes nixon8890 at gmail.com on Fri Aug 16 18:45:12 BST 2013

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a method to convert S-57/ENC NOAA marine charts to Garmin
format.  I suspect similar functionality would also be useful for pulling
this data into OSM format as well.  NOAA updates their vector based charts
regularly, so it's a good data source now.

My research has shown there doesn't exist a utility to do this and I'm
considering developing a utility.  I'm a software developer and reviewed
mkgmap, GDL ogr and OpenCPN, all of which have some of the functionality to
put this together.  The mkgmap Java source is pretty extensive and well
organized, so I'm hoping to start with this as a basis or add to the

It looks like the an S-57 "reader" would be required to get the data
through mkgmap.  So a new reader would be created in mkgmap.reader.s57.
 I'm also noticing a more code for "sea" in sea.optional.  Any reason why
this requires different algorithm for conversion?   I see there are
dependencies on Geotools, however unsure why.

I'm new at the whole map processor, however am willing to learn.  Any
pointers are appreciated.

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