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[mkgmap-dev] Basecamp, mkgmap and bicycle routing

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Wed Aug 7 08:39:46 BST 2013

Leonardo wrote: 
> I'm not sure if I understood what you mean. In my Basecamp the
> checkbox
> is checked and disabled (greyed out) for the bicycling profile so it's
> impossible to uncheck it.

Yes thats a problem.
In Basecamp, you can only uncheck it by selecting the activity to "none", 
this is only possible after you have made a route.
On your Etrex it should be possible to unckeck it in the bicycle routing preferences,
but on my Oregon 600 you can't.

> If I understood your approach correctly, the only way to achieve this
> in
> practice is to have a separate routable map for each activity, and the
> non-car maps "cheat" by working around Garmin's routing quirks and
> playing around with the line types, road classes, speed classes, road
> surface, etc. The GPS is always left in car mode and the right map has
> to be turned on (and the others off) when changing activities. Is this
> correct?

Unfortunately yes, for each activity you now need a separate map or stick with the old units / firmware / Mapsource.
Maybe hiking and cycling can be combined, but in my part of the world (NL's)
cycling and car driving can't. I'm afraid Garmin is aware of this or even care about it.

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