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[mkgmap-dev] Search addresses for latin countries (help on reg exp)

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Tue Aug 6 22:55:21 BST 2013

El 06/08/13 15:46, Steve Ratcliffe escribió:
> Hi
>> Doing some more test, it seems that the new index is able to find
>> streets by their second word. For example, searching for Calle Naciones
> Yes, sorry, it was indeed only working for the second word.  The new
> version I just committed now really works with all words. (Well it also
> omits the word CALLE altogether, but that was just an experiment).
> I made a change another change that seems to improve the sorting
> and the number of streets found.
> Its still not perfect.
> ..Steve
A test with a smaller input data shows the following:
Typing "a" gives a list of streets all of them with a word starting with 
"a" in different positions of the name and correctly sorted (Aceuchal, 
Acevedo, Achicorial, Acim, Adarve), but some streets that should be at 
the beginning of the list (Abades, Abadía, Abajo, etc.) are missing. 
Screenshot 4.
When "ac" is typed, the streets in the previous list go down several 
positions and new ones containing Acacia, Acapulco, Acceso, Acebo, etc. 
appear on top of the list. Screenshot 5.
Results vary quite a lot depending on the letter you search for. Typing 
"g" seems to work very well, displayed names are sorted and start with 
the correct street. Screenshot 6. But typing "m" doesn't show any street 
starting by that letter although they are present in the map. Typing "l" 
shows a lot of streets which only word starting by l is "la" which is an 
article that should be avoided in the index.
Apart from that behavior, it's important to note that if any of the 
streets displayed is selected and Find button is clicked, nothing is found.
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