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[mkgmap-dev] Search addresses for latin countries (help on reg exp)

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Mon Aug 5 12:00:59 BST 2013

El 05/08/13 12:50, Enrico Liboni escribió:
> Folks, as you know -- this comes up time to time --  address search is 
> unpractical in most Latin countries where the street/square name 
> usually starts with the type  (Via, Viale,Corso,  Piazza etc [IT]; 
>  Avenida, Calle, Plaza etc [ES];  Avenue, Boulevard, Rue, Place etc 
> [FR] etc.) followed by the full name of  - usually - the person naming 
> the street. Nevertheless the street names sometime appears abbreviated 
> (V.le,  Av.da, Bld.  etc),  sometime the Middle name is skipped, 
> sometime the work "of" is used (Avenue de Bobigny, Corso del Popolo etc)
> So what is a simple Mozartstrasse in Austria would look like "Via 
> Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" in Italy or "Rue Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" in 
> France but possibly also "Av.da de Mozart" etc.
> Now, everyone knows the street/square by its last name and it would be 
> much more practical to search by it:  I'd like to have a style that 
> just pick the last full word of the street/square name and put it as a 
> suffix followed by a comma and the original name.
> This would really boost address search for Latin countries -- so it 
> might be a default style to add to IT, FR, ES, BR, MX... etc).
> Could you help me on making that regular expression for the style?
> "str1 str2... strN" -> "strN, str1 str2... strN"
> Thanks!
> Enrico
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I'm working on that since a few weeks ago for Spanish and Catalan, but 
it takes quite a long time to find all combination possibilities and 
also to fix all errors in the names I'm finding in the OSM data. As an 
example, you can see the line
highway=* & name ~ '[Aa]venida [Dd]e [Ee]l .*' { add 
streettype:movedend='${name|subst:Avenida De El |subst:Avenida De el 
|subst:Avenida de El |subst:Avenida de el |subst:avenida De El 
|subst:avenida De el |subst:avenida de El |subst:avenida de el }, 
Avenida de El'}
It would be great if we can build and share rules for several languages
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