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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r2658: Use mkgmap:street tag to get street name for house number search

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Jul 19 16:46:44 BST 2013

Actually neither of the two lines works!!!!

Have I understood wrong how it should work?
name=* {set mkgmap:street='${name}'} as first line in my lines file, 
doesn't help. I still get all the added "junk" like refs or route names 
and so on in the address search (used mapsource to try it out)...
highway=* & name=* {set mkgmap:street='${name}'} also has no effect at 
all on the address search.

where is my error?
On 19.07.2013 17:30, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> oh, found out that:
> name=* {set mkgmap:street='${name}'}
> doesn't have any performance impact. Dunno why this is so much 
> quicker.... but it works. So it's good and documented here for 
> everyone wondering how to use mkgmap:street.
> On 19.07.2013 17:28, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> thanks for that solution. However the performance impact is quite 
>> tremendous.
>> E.g. on Austria I have without it
>> 2:55 (min/sec).
>> By adding the line: highway=* & name=* {set mkgmap:street='${name}'}
>> at the beginning of my lines file (or better, latest possibility 
>> before name changes).
>> the time increases to about 3:45. I have tested the time impact 
>> several times - no changes >1sec...
>> That's about a 25% increase in rendering time on mkgmap.jar.
>> The solution is probably to only set mkgmap:street only for name 
>> changes - which will require quite a lot of additional code - at 
>> least for me. I will try and report probably next week.... (so for 
>> every set name=...  -  run { addmkgmap:street {$name}; set name=..... 
>> } hope this works and doesn't need to be put one line earlier )
>> or any easy optimization solution that doesn't need such a big name=* 
>> search?
>> On 17.07.2013 21:10, svn commit wrote:
>>> Version 2658 was committed by wanmil on Wed, 17 Jul 2013
>>> Use mkgmap:street tag to get street name for house number search
>>> The house number matching algorithm now checks the mkgmap:street tag 
>>> on roads. If it is set it uses it to match to the addr:street tags 
>>> of house number elements. This enables style developers to put refs 
>>> and other infos into the street name and at the same time have a 
>>> good matching for house number search.
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