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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap multiple input files

From Geoff Sherlock geoffrey_sherlock at btinternet.com on Sun Jul 14 14:37:44 BST 2013

This is possible, I used to combine maps of different countries at mkgmap 

First split one map with --mapid=12310001, copy the resulting pbf files to 
mkgmap directory. Then the second map with --mapid=12320001; again copying 
the pbf files to mkgmap directory. Then call mkgmap with *.pbf, which will 
process both sets of pbf files into one map. I did notice a problem with the 
sea flooding if a coast was not closed though, this was between the British 
Isles and Sweden, which is why I stopped doing it. But that was before I 
started using precompiled sea tiles, that would probably have fixed that 


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From: Andrzej Popowski
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Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] mkgmap multiple input files

Hi Henning,

>splitter can do that for you with some limitations. keep-complete will
>only handle first given file to splitter. This is quite useful if you
>give splitter a normal osm-file and a srtm-data-file. So it's merged
>within splitter and you get all data in your tiles.

Thanks for information, multiple files in splitter is a useful feature.

Unfortunately this is not a substitute for my idea. I have problems with
splitter and big files, so I'd rather split some data separately and
merge them at mkgmap stage. For pbf files this can be done with osmosis,
but merging lasts about the same time as compiling with mkgmap, so I
could save some work with the new feature in mkgmap.

And what would be really interesting for me is merging pbf with mp
files. Or rather I should say merging OSM data with external data not
available in pbf format. There are many free data in shp format, that I
can easy change to mp, but not to osm/pbf, since available conversion
tools are very limited.

Best regards

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