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[mkgmap-dev] polygon-size-limit inside polygons file - large work to implement?

From Henning Scholland osm at aighes.de on Wed Jul 10 19:00:41 BST 2013

I would prefer a style-function like we have already for length of ways. 
Eg. called polygon-size and returns the size in m². I think this is not 
much more work, but it is a lot more flexible.


Am 10.07.2013 17:21, schrieb Felix Hartmann:
> Well I recently noticed, that some super detail mappers, started to map
> landuse=grass or leisure=garden for supersmall areas. E.g. a 2x4m
> private garden, or a 1mx10m long strip between both sides of a road.
> Yuck....
> I would prefer to keep my maps clean, and get rid of that garbage. Could
> there be a polygon-size-filter that works also for resolution=24, and
> that can be setup much more aggressive?
> Especially for gardens and grass, I don't need small private ones, but
> would like to keep big public gardens and grassfields.
> So could there be an implementation like the following for the polygons
> file:
> {set mkgmap:polygon-size-limit=24:30 ; 23:20 ; 22:15 ..} which overrides
> the default setting?
> g. called polygon-size
> That would be absolutely great for combating all the micromapping junk!

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