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[mkgmap-dev] Province names

From Garvan & Maew garvan.okeeffe.esssuap at moeys.gov.kh on Mon Jun 25 02:29:36 BST 2012

About a year ago I reported that the name tag list was not working the 
way I expected. I think it was not applied to relations, but I made some 
modifications to my style file to work around the issue. I am not sure 
if this is related to the problems you are having now, but I looked up 
the old thread for you to check out. This is the reply to my observations.


Best regards,


On 24-Jun-12 13:49, Nils Leandersson wrote:
> <snip>
> The final result is the same, the "name" tag is used rather than the
> "name:en" tag.
> Can anyone confirm they can use any other name tag than the default 'name',
> and if so, what options was used for osmosis and mkgamp?

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