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[mkgmap-dev] Province names

From Nils Leandersson nils.leandersson at googlemail.com on Sun Jun 24 07:49:07 BST 2012

Thanks for your answer WanMil, it had loads of good info.

I extract boundaries with:
bin\Osmosis.bat ^
 --read-pbf file=asia.osm.pbf outPipe.0=1 ^
 --tee 2 inPipe.0=1 outPipe.0=2 outPipe.1=3 ^
 --buffer inPipe.0=3 outPipe.0=4 ^
 --buffer inPipe.0=2 outPipe.0=5 ^
 --tag-filter accept-relations boundary=administrative inPipe.0=4 
outPipe.0=6 ^
 --used-way inPipe.0=6 outPipe.0=7 ^
 --tag-filter reject-relations inPipe.0=5 outPipe.0=8 ^
 --tag-filter accept-ways boundary=administrative inPipe.0=8 outPipe.0=9 ^
 --used-node inPipe.0=9 outPipe.0=10 ^
 --used-node inPipe.0=7 outPipe.0=11 ^
 --merge inPipe.0=10 inPipe.1=11 outPipe.0=12 ^
 --write-pbf file=boundaries.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true compress=deflate 

Compile boundaries with:
java -ea -Xmx1000m -jar 
mkgmap/mkgmap.jar --createboundsfile=boundaries.osm.pbf --location-autofill=bounds 

Compile map with:
java -ea -Xmx1000m -jar 
mkgmap/mkgmap.jar --location-autofill=bounds --index --family-name="OSM" --description="SE 
Asia" --family-id=20001 --route --add-pois-to-areas --pois-to-areas-placement=entrance=main;entrance=yes;building=entrance;barrier=entrance 
 --remove-short-arcs --generate-sea=floodblocker --coastlinefile=coastlines.osm.pbf 
 --latin1 --gmapsupp --style-file=MyStyles --style=standard -c template.args

In the options style file I got:
name-tag-list = int_name, name:en, name

I also noted that the relation denoting Bangkok's province was tagged as 
"city" so I changed that to multipolygon. 
Two adjacent provinces had open ends, 
http://ra.osmsurround.org/analyzeRelation?relationId=1908788&_noCache=on#, I 
closed those and now they work but only because they are tagged wrong with 
English names in the default 'name' tag were Thai should be, like most 
provinces in the area. The tool http://ra.osmsurround.org/ is great by the 

The final result is the same, the "name" tag is used rather than the 
"name:en" tag.

Can anyone confirm they can use any other name tag than the default 'name', 
and if so, what options was used for osmosis and mkgamp?

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Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Province names

> Hi Nils,
>> I am trying to make a map that uses the English names for provinces in
>> SE Asia. The province shown on my Zumo for POIs in Bangkok is a
>> "Latinized" กรุงเทพมหานคร rather than "Bangkok" from the name:en tag. The
>> relation in question (92277/6) is tagged name=กรุงเทพมหานคร and
>> name:en=Bangkok. I use the --latin option when I compile the map.
>> I extract boundaries with:
>> bin\Osmosis.bat --rb asia.osm.pbf --tf accept-ways
>> boundary=administrative --tf accept-relations boundary=administrative
>> --used-node --write-pbf boundaries.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true
> I am not sure but I think your osmosis call is not 100% correct. I keeps
> only relations tagged with boundary=administrative and the ways tagged
> with boundary=administrative. If a relation contains a way not tagged
> with boundary=administrative it is thrown away. Please have a look at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mkgmap/help/options#Using_precompiled_bounds_for_the_address_index
> where the correct osmosis call is documented (you can omit the
> postal_code things).
>> I compile boundaries with:
>> java -ea -Xmx1000m -jar mkgmap/mkgmap.jar
>> --createboundsfile=boundaries.osm.pbf --location-autofill=bounds
>> name-tag-list=name:en,name
>> What am I doing wrong?
> Looks good to me.
>> Do the tags on the boundaries play a role or are only the tags on the
>> relations used?
> If the relation is tagged only the tags on the relation are used.
>> What would be the way to check all admin4 boundaries' tags in SE Asia?
>> The boundaries seem to be tagged inconsistent.
> You can create a tag listing of all boundaries contained in the
> precompiled bounds:
> java -jar mkgmap.jar
> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.reader.osm.boundary.BoundaryLister <boundsdir>
> WanMil
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