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[mkgmap-dev] Issue when routing across two countries

From Enrico Liboni eliboni at gmail.com on Sun Jun 24 00:32:24 BST 2012

Routing works excellent on my Nuvi  except when the Start/End points are in
different countries; if it is the case:

1. the device takes a lot (minutes) to calculate the route - also if the
two points/cities are pretty close, while for routes within the same
country takes seconds.

2. the route to follow (purple) is mostly translated from the real streets,
a picture <http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/401/garminrouteissue.jpg/>(
 - sorry for the quality) better explains the behavior: the red street is
the highway, that's the only possible way. The purple line is the displayed
route, as you can see they are not matching.

This happens only when start/end points are in different countries. Picture
is taken routing from Bolzano, Italy to Innsbruck, Austria.
I create gmapsupp from geofabix's pbf files, I tried today with mkgmap
version r2306, but I experienced the issue as well with  older versions I
tried with. I use standard command lines option only "--route
--remove-short-arcs --add-pois-to-areas --index --gmapsupp". Bounds are
from navmaps.eu

Any clue?

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