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[mkgmap-dev] Address search issues

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Thu Jun 14 21:10:54 BST 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, Ralf kleineisel wrote:

> When I try the address search in mapsource I get this:
> City search for "Berlin":
> Berlin is found, but mapsource displays "Berlin, NOT_SET, DEU".

Looks like somebody played with the admin boarder of Berlin :(

I guess you need now:
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level4=Hamburg { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level4}' }
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level4=Berlin { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level4}' }

Before the "mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level8=*"
Haven't tried it yet, but the problem sounds the same as we had
for Hamburg.


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