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[mkgmap-dev] regular expressions in tag tests

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Jun 5 17:19:53 BST 2012


> Quite familiar, actually - now I managed to work it out. I think mkgmap
> strips trailing and heading ws from the field content. I stumbled over

I'm pretty sure that it doesn't do that normally.

> later, I have a good 1000 files). After some fiddling about I concluded
> that the whole field content has to be consumed by the RE for a match to

That is right; the regex has to match the whole field.

> One more thing: I tried to match a RE at the top level and failed. Is

> would be nice if I could match '2\.08\.??' at the top level.

Ha! I've just thought that you can do:
  ENT_LIN=* & ENT_LIN ~ '2\.08\...'

But that means that the code could do this automatically and remove
the restriction altogether!


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