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[mkgmap-dev] Found Bug in mkgmap address index creation of gmapsupp.img (again "please enter country" but impossible)

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Jun 4 14:49:14 BST 2012


> Okay, well I like many though that mkgmap can create a more or less
> correct address index itself when writing gmapsupp.img, this is true,
> however not under all circumstances.
> The test setup is rather complicated, so best get the same data.
> The problem is, that the gmapsupp.img by mkgmap is only working with
> correct address search, if all tiles themselves were created with
> "index". However if you use mkgmap to create a gmapsupp.img that
> consists of tiles with address search support (for below testexample
> 6*.img) and tiles with no address search support .i.e. contourline maps
> (for below testexample 7*.img) then the address search is not working
> (but instead asking for country)....

The --index option has no affect at all on the tiles, so it does not
matter if you give the option when creating the tiles.

> For testing, you can get for example the following map:
> ftp://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/misc/openstreetmap/openmtbmap/mtbalps.exe  (as of

Thanks, I've had a look at this.

It appears that the contour tiles are not created with --latin1 but
the other ones are not.  Also in the .bat files that create the
gmapsup I don't see --latin1 used when creating the index in every

The same --latin1 and/or --code-page flags must be used when creating
every tile and also when creating the index.

> 1. Creating gmapsupp.img of 6*.img files with mkgmap 2278: after GPS
> fix, works (needs however data rather close by, there seems to be
> another bug, that if you for example are in UK, and now upload a map
> with parts in Austria, but none in UK, address search won't work even
> with GPS fix, this is however also happening if the same mkgmap created
> map is sent with Mapsource/Mapinstall).

On my eTrex 30 I initially saw the problem of not being able to find
distant addresses. I then switched off the base maps and the then I
could find them. However when I re-enabled the base maps, I could
still find far away addresses...

I've discovered a couple of problems in the device index so I am
creating a branch to fix them, they are POI and not address related

I will also attempt to discover the code-page and sort order options
used to build the files and use them for the index automaticially.


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