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[mkgmap-dev] Found Bug in mkgmap address index creation of gmapsupp.img (again "please enter country" but impossible)

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri May 25 13:58:17 BST 2012

Okay, well I like many though that mkgmap can create a more or less 
correct address index itself when writing gmapsupp.img, this is true, 
however not under all circumstances.
The test setup is rather complicated, so best get the same data.

The problem is, that the gmapsupp.img by mkgmap is only working with 
correct address search, if all tiles themselves were created with 
"index". However if you use mkgmap to create a gmapsupp.img that 
consists of tiles with address search support (for below testexample 
6*.img) and tiles with no address search support .i.e. contourline maps 
(for below testexample 7*.img) then the address search is not working 
(but instead asking for country)....

To replicate: make sure that your GPS device has a fix. Without fix this 
behaviour is normal.

For testing, you can get for example the following map: 
ftp://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/misc/openstreetmap/openmtbmap/mtbalps.exe  (as of 
writing, ftp5.gwdg.de seems to be offline, I hope this is soon over...)
(the .exe is of course lzma packed, so no need to install).

1. Creating gmapsupp.img of 6*.img files with mkgmap 2278: after GPS 
fix, works (needs however data rather close by, there seems to be 
another bug, that if you for example are in UK, and now upload a map 
with parts in Austria, but none in UK, address search won't work even 
with GPS fix, this is however also happening if the same mkgmap created 
map is sent with Mapsource/Mapinstall).

2. Creating gmapsupp of all 6*.img & 7*.img files with mkgmap 2278: 
after GPS fix, no chance to select a "working" country, and subsequent 
fields are also not found

3. Creating gmapsupp of all 6*.img and 7*.img files with Mapsource: with 
GPS fix, and data close to your location. address search works.

(Garmin City Navigator maps, address search works even without GPS fix, 
and no need for data to be close (~1000km) by. So still a long way to go).

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