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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] Precompiled sea

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Tue May 1 10:40:30 BST 2012


I have reuploaded the precompiled sea to 

* Fixed some floodings
* Use a smaller raster to reduce multipolygon artefacts


> Hi,
> attached patch uses precompiled sea files to generate the sea areas.
> Generating sea areas have always been a source of problems. Little
> errors in the coastline data could flood whole tiles. A second problem
> is that generating sea areas often take long CPU time.
> After having used a precompilation step for the address assignment I
> wondered if it would be possible to do something similar for sea areas.
> After having played around with compiling sea areas myself I remembered
> that Mapnik also precompiles sea areas. This precompilation can be
> downloaded at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Coastline#Main_Mapnik_Layer and uses
> the ESRI shape format. That makes things very easy :-)
> I used the geotools lib and converted the sea information to our well
> known boundary format and added a small code addition to the mkgmap
> SeaGenerator.
> Attached patch does not include the ESRI shape conversion (I have to
> think about how to put that into the mkgmap code base - lots of geotools
> libs have to be included). But I have uploaded the whole world to
> http://www.navmaps.eu/wanmil/sea_20120331.zip.
> The new mkgmap parameter --precomp-sea=<dir with sea files> must be added.
> So unzip the sea_20120331.zip file to a directory called sea.
> Call the patched mkgmap with
> java -jar mkgmap.jar <.. your mkgmap options..> --precomp-sea=sea *.osm.pbf
> I am sure there are some problems left and the code patch should be
> cleaned up (better integration of the BoundaryXXX classes). But the
> first results looked so well that I want to give you the early chance to
> play with it.
> Now I hope it should also be possible to create a tile in the
> atlantic/pacific ocean without any data but full of sea.
> WanMil
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