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[mkgmap-dev] latin1 an index creation

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Apr 29 18:31:48 BST 2012


On 24/04/12 10:22, aighes wrote:
> would it be possible to add a hint in help=options, that --latin1 is
> needed for generating the index?

What is needed that you need the *same* code-page as was used
to create the map. It works as far as I can tell even without
any latin1 or code-page argument as long as everything is
created without a code page.

I will add a note in the help about that.

> Or change the code, that all strings for index-creation were
> automatically converted to latin1 and strings shown in the map are
> converted with --code-page. Don't know if this is possible.

It shouldn't be too difficult to read the code-page and sort
order that the individual tiles use and create the index
with the same ones.  If I have time I will have a look at doing that.


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