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[mkgmap-dev] Subdivision width is 36627 at 3230916/1236133

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Sun Apr 22 10:40:35 BST 2012

This is an old error that mkgmap has been spitting for a while. I spent 
some time today splitting my map tiles in Northern Finland, and this is 
what I got now:

2012/04/20 20:55:34 WARNING (Subdivision): 63240012.osm.pbf: Subdivision 
width is 36627 at 3230916/1236133

The tile boundaries are:

63240012: 3171072,1169984 to 3266944,1368576
#	: 68.043823,25.105133 to 70.101013,29.366455

The point ought to be around here, in a sparsely mapped area: 

The primary suspects for this error are these ways:

highway = primary
ref = 92
source = gps
[I added a few attributes when splitting this road]

and an administrative border with a very long line segment
(69.1476278, 25.7386032) to (69.3421159, 26.6885093):


I split the highway a little (adding bridges), but this failed to 
address the issue. I do not think that it is proper to add points to the 
OSM data of the administrative border.

What could be done to fix the error? Could mkgmap insert some 
intermediate points to the border line segment? If the error comes from 
the highway, I guess I could split it a bit further.

Best regards,


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