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[mkgmap-dev] Contour lines with phyghtmap

From Josef Latt Josef.Latt at gmx.net on Wed Apr 18 19:55:01 BST 2012


I create contour lines with phyghtmap and mkgmap as followed:

phyghtmap --jobs=2 --polygon=/home/jolatt/OpenStreetMap/germany.poly 
--step=10 --line-cat=100,50 --srtm=3 --viewfinder-mask=1 
--start-node-id=100000000000 --pbf

java -Xmx2048M -jar /home/jolatt/OSM-Karte/mkgmap/mkgmap.jar \
--style-file=/home/jolatt/OSM-Karte/style-srtm/ \
--tdbfile \
--draw-priority=28 \
--family-id=4444 \
--transparent \
--series-name=srtm \
--overview-mapname=srtm \
--area-name=Germany \
--max-jobs=2 \
-c srtm.TYP *.pbf

Contour lines are created, but I get an error:
SCHWERWIEGEND (MapSplitter): lon9.00_10.00lat47.43_47.62_view1.osm.pbf: 
Area too small to split at 
http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=47.56031&mlon=9.99994&zoom=17 (reduce 
the density of points, length of lines, etc.)

You can see a little bug displaying the lines.

The question is, mkgmap or phyghtmap. IMHO mkgmap.

Any hints?


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