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[mkgmap-dev] Bug in splitter?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Sun Apr 1 20:56:04 BST 2012

Oh, so it's a splitter bug? I tried splitting SRTM data from phyghtmap 
with the following command unsuccessfully:
phyghtmap --jobs=1 --osm-version=0.6 --step=25 --output-prefix=as2 
--line-cat=1000,200 --source=view1,view3,srtm1,srtm3 
--area=80:-11.01192:129.99999:83.20162 --max-nodes-per-tile=0 
--max-nodes-per-way=250 --pbf

BTW -- how can I make sure with phyghtmap that multiple input files 
don't overlap, nor miss data? 129.99999 is already interpreted as 130...

On 01.04.2012 21:48, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to split SRTM data with splitter r200, but splitter only
> creates one big tile.
> Some interesting statistics from osmconvert:
> nodes: 2518069911
> ways: 27074150
> node id min: 1
> node id max: 2679465052
> Ok, I'm a little bit above a 32bit signed integer, but:
> Splitting nodes into areas containing a maximum of 6.000.000 nodes each...
> Area (30.8935546875,-125.0244140625) to (50.2294921875,-101.9970703125) contains
>   -1.776.905.107 nodes. DONE!
> This looks like an overrun somewhere. At first I thought it's
> the 32bit int overflow, but for this the number is far too high.
> Any ideas what's going wrong here?
>    Thanks,
>      Thorsten

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