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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch] Some work on marine style

From Ronny Klier ronny.klier at s1999.tu-chemnitz.de on Thu Mar 29 21:49:07 BST 2012


attached patch should improve marine style.
Main features/changes:
- support for sectors of light
- include more types of light, buoy and beacon
- removed default style as base of marine style

Some remarks on the changes:
Because every sector has to be explicit declared there are up to 15 
sectors of light included in the style. I hope there are no lights with 
more than that, but it is easy to extend the list.
Removing default style as base gives more flexibility. One may create a 
transparent overlay with sea signs or include marine style in own 
styles. Additional it is much faster to search errors while developping ;-)

I tested the changes with the europe extract from Geofabrik and got 
about 500 errors. By far the most are caused by sector bounds defined as 
"shore". This is reasonable for paper charts but quit useless in machine 
interpretion. I spend an extra message for this:
"shore is no valid sector bound, please annotate a numeric value"
Another kind are format errors in OSM data, e.g. comma instead of point 
or units in addition to the numeric values.
I found one issue which should be solved in mkgmap. For some lights the 
different sectors have different light character (e.g. flashing vs. 
occulting) or other sequences. But I'm not sure if this could be 
described in img format.

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