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[mkgmap-dev] Car routing issue with --make-all-cycleways at tile boundary with cycle way lane

From Michael Günnewig MichaelGuennewig at gmx.de on Tue Mar 27 21:21:22 BST 2012

Hi all.

I have some interesting routing issue with my self-generated OSM map
based on the All-In-One styles.  I could track the issue down in the
meantime to the --make-all-cycleways option being given to mkgmap.
The issue also occurs with old mkgmap or old splitter versions, even
though I'm quite sure that I didn't encounter it in the past.  I first
guessed that some additional data to the tiles leads to some overflow,
but even reducing the number of nodes for splitting has not resolved the

The routing problem happens on this map excerpt:

Coming from east on way 71933528 (Martener Straße) towards west to turn
left onto 55188142 (Westricher Straße) crossing the segments 55262354
and then 30889150 doesn't work on my Oregon 450, when using car routing
with --make-all-cycleways.  It usually directs me from 71933528 towards
east to do a great extra way avoiding streets with cycleways.  Bicycle
and foot routing that route works correctly nevertheless.  Also if I
just use the --make-opposite-cycleways option the car routing works also
fine with the same tiles.

I have also already tried to explicitly forbid bicycle traffic
(bicycle=no instead of current designated) on the streets, as well as
renaming the street to just its first letter, which did not help either.

When splitting the germany pbf files from GeoFabrik the tile border is
positioned approximately between way segments 55262354 and 30889150
(using 700k or 600k nodes).

Any idea what the route cause could be here?


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