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[mkgmap-dev] NSIS Installer

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Mar 13 14:01:58 GMT 2012

that's an easy but not elegant solution (in principle you just need to 
comment all "File" commands for your map files and decide if you want to 
pack the "mapset" files into the installer, or leave them outside). As 
one first has to unzip it, well and people will not understand about 
moving/copying to other folders, so many users will make errors.
the solution linked by Steve in the first reply is much more elegant as 
you end up with an .exe of unlimited size - however I also don't fully 
understand the howto (but didn't try it either).

On 13.03.2012 14:38, Minko wrote:
> For my Europe and Germany maps I use the following NSIS template:
> http://mijndev.openstreetmap.nl/~ligfietser/diverse/installer_template.nsi
> Put this file installer_template.nsi in the resources subdirectory where you run mkgmap.
> If you compile the map tiles, it only creates a small install / uninstall.exe file to register the map folder where the tiles are produced into Mapsource / Basecamp.
> If you distribute the map, zip all files from this folder. To install it, just unzip all files to a directory of your choice and run install.exe. If you want to move the map to another location, simply run install.exe again.
> See for an example:
> http://sites.google.com/site/openfietsmap/downloads/germany (OFM_DE(29-02-2012).zip)
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