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[mkgmap-dev] Problem with splitter

From Matteo Gottardi matgott at tin.it on Sun Mar 11 23:16:19 GMT 2012

2012/3/11 GerdP <gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com>:
> Hi Matteo,
> can you please describe the problem and what it is that
> makes you believe that this is a splitter problem?

Hi, I don't speak english very well, so maybe a screenshot can help :)

If you look at http://www.gomatteo.net/out.jpeg you can see the
generated map. I marked with the red color the shape of the lake
(taken from the osm data).
As you can see there is some flooding, and the flooding end exactly at
the end of the splitted tile.

Thank you for your help,
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