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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r2237: Merge of the build branch which uses ivy to obtain

From Richard Hansen rhansen at bbn.com on Tue Mar 6 18:13:25 GMT 2012

On 2012-03-06 10:41, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> On 06/03/12 15:32, GerdP wrote:
>> so yes, the build depends on the connection.
> Yes, it does depend, even though it never downloads the jars
> again and doesn't need to. So I don't know why it should even
> be looking.

Here's how it's supposed to work:

   1. if ivy.jar isn't available, download it
   2. use ivy to resolve dependencies (and their dependencies, recursively)
   3. if a dependency hasn't already been downloaded, download it to a 
local cache (~/.ivy)
   4. copy the dependency from the local ivy cache to lib

I never tried it offline.  I expected Internet access to be required 
only for steps #1 and #3, but apparently ivy also connects to the 
Internet to perform step #2.

> If it can't be fixed in ivy, then I'll make ant not call ivy if
> it knows that the jars are there.

A quick Google search didn't yield a trivial solution to control this 
via ivy, but there are some things to try.  I'll see what I can do to 
make ivy more offline-friendly.


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