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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin Marine Devices

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Mon Mar 5 15:39:19 GMT 2012

On 05.03.2012 16:22, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi
>> http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2010q1/006427.html
> Summary of that is to change a number in the header:
>            writer.put3(displayPriority);
> -        writer.putInt(0x110301);
> +        writer.putInt(0x170401);
>> Is there a chance to modify mkgmap in a way the maps do not have to be
>> patched anymore?
> When that patch, is there any affect on normal operation?
> Since we don't know what those numbers are for, we may as well
> change them, unless someone knows what they are for and knows
> a reason why not.
> ..Steve
Yes, maps will not be shown on Mapsource anymore. Also there will be 
problems regarding altitude profiles and different options regarding 
visibility on the GPSrs.

Marine mode shouldn't be the default...

However the change highlighted above has nothing to do with Marine mode, 
it affects the rerouting sensivity, and is useful if the user is 
expected never to be faster than ~15km/h (from switching on the GPS), in 
that case


will lead to offer rerouting like if the speed had been reached. However 
it creates problems if used at car speed, cause rerouting will be too 
often offered/recalculated.
See thread here: 

Besides Marine mode header can be changed via gmt too, and that is also 
available for Linux (gmt is the execution part of gmaptool).

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