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[mkgmap-dev] gpx track files do not work on routable maps

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Mar 5 15:17:27 GMT 2012


> To help track down the issue, I am uploading a map of oxfordshire
> created today at http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/. The gmapsupp.img was
> generated using: java -jar mkgmap-r2235/mkgmap.jar --route
> --remove-short-arcs --gmapsupp oxfordshire.osm.pbf. I also upload two
> GPX track files for testing, one is very short but leads to having
> Begin and End at the same place, the other one is a GPX track
> downloaded from http://www.bikemap.net/route/609987 (Saturday evening
> sprint).
> Can you please let me know if they do route correctly on your device?

Thanks. On my device they are just tracks and not routes. I've seen 
Felix's message and your reply, so perhaps the Edge is just different in 
that way.

The track looked fine and was the same as the website map at first glance.

The only way to get more clues is to find the shortest track that 
doesn't work and a very similar one that does and see if there is
anything strange about the difference. And you might have to
find lots of working/not working pairs to see if there is anything 
common between the differences.

If it doesn't work for any track at all, then I would have no idea
about how to even find out what is happing.


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