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[mkgmap-dev] Problems searching for California addresses

From Bill bill-mkgmap at halibut.com on Sun Mar 4 07:27:48 GMT 2012

I appreciate the info on additional options for location-autofill.

Adding "--location-autofill=bounds,is_in" to my command I discovered 
that it will now pull city type information from the .osm file as well 
as from the bounds directory.  Unfortunately there are a crazy amount of 
"hamlets" that are part of the OSM database and are not generally 
referred to as the city in an address.

I found a smaller extract of the sf-bay-area 
(http://metro.teczno.com/#sf-bay-area) which includes Fremont which I am 
most interested in, and manually deleted every node, way and relation 
that was a hamlet.  When I reprocess this and load it into my device, it 
passes all my quick spot checks that have failed before.

I started looking at the default style rules to try and figure out if I 
could see how to disable hamlets, but all I see are admin_level* rules 
and there is no admin_level explicitly set on the hamlets.  Is there a 
place I can look to find this mapping or does "is_in" add city 
information via another mechanism?

Are the style rules the correct way to attack this, or should I be 
looking at pre-filtering the osm file using osmconvert or osmosis?  It 
would seem that if new style rules could be devised then everyone else 
who tries to do this will get the automatic gain.  Filtering would seem 
to just make it work for me.


On 03/03/2012 12:13 AM, Henning wrote:

>  Hi, I think you should have something like this in your mkgmap-call:
>  --location-autofill=bounds,is_in,nearest --index --bounds=data\bounds
>  Henning

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